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Hi, my name is Theresa Christine Wolf.
I am from Vienna, Austria. I have lived in Montreal, Canada since 1999. The plan was to pursue a 10-week English Certificate at one of the universities in Montreal to boost my language skills. I integrated quickly into the Canadian lifestyle and decided to proceed with my education in Montreal following my career start in Human Resources. I have established myself as a trusted reference in terms of a professional Human Resources Advisor for both clients and friends. During my past job searches, I had many questions and concerns. However due to a lack of resources, I was unable to find answers to my career, website and resume dilemmas in time. Because of my personal experience, I coach and empower my clients in their career development in order to succeed and reach their career goals.


By high school, I had already built my first website. My passion is designing websites for individuals and businesses. Currently, I am creating websites for start-ups, small and midsize companies.

I offer all my services worldwide. I meet my clients online. (Zoom)

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