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Pricing Human Resources

Depending on your situation, we can choose the service that suits your needs. Here is an overview of my services and pricing:

Services for Individuals

Service 1: Individual Online Coaching Session  
$80.00 per hour
We discuss the following:
1. Recommendation to your existing resume and cover letter
2. Best job search sites for local, abroad, and remote jobs as well as sites for specific industries
3. How to use different social media platforms during your job search
4. Advantages of a LinkedIn profile
5. Provide information on interview preparation

Note: Followed by a written summary after our online session.

Service 2: Resume or Cover Letter
$50.00 per hour

Resume and cover letter (creation of a new or tailoring your resume or cover letter) 
Please ask for package pricing. 

Service 3: Interview Online Preparation
$60.00 per hour

Coaching on interview questions and best answers
1. if you are a selected candidate or
2. you want to practice and prepare for a job interview.


Service 4: LinkedIn Profile
creation of a new profile
This includes work experience, education, 
licenses, certifications, languages, accomplishments, 

recommendation, job alerts, networking, groups, interests, relevant volunteer experience, newsletters, hashtags, and more. I also inform you about settings and privacy so that there no conflict with your current employer in case you are looking active for a job.)
$30.00 boost up your current profile 

Please note that all prices are in Canadian Dollar. 

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