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Job Search

Stay Positive and Focused
Keep Going

Are you familiar with the following phrases?

  • Why does the employer say I am overqualified?

  • I do not know where to apply anymore. 

  • The older I become, the more difficult it is to find a job. 

  • Why is nobody calling me for an interview?

  • I receive only rejections. What’s wrong with me?

  • I have to get the perfect job.


Hint: Don’t make it personal, understand it’s all a process.


In challenging times, it’s essential to stay motivated, think forward, and the most important thing is your positive mindset throughout the job hunt.

Decide what success looks like on a daily or weekly basis:

  • How many applications do you want to send?

  • What is your dream company?

  • How many network events do you want to attend?

  • Expand or acquire new skills.

  • Get resume and cover letter help. (Have you considered customizing both?)

  • What are your achievements?

  • Use your defined goals to stay motivated.

  • Create a daily schedule or routine. (Include exercising programs, recreation meeting family and friends and most importantly do things that make you happy)

Key: Work smarter, not harder, by building relationships and being social.


Apply to a Job Posting

A job search is time consuming and stressful. There is no magic solution during this process.


Some hints when applying online:

  • Employment references include past employers, co-workers, subordinates, or clients.

  • Search the company if you want to work within this company. (Narrow down your targeted companies).

  • Use job search engines and company websites. (Set up job-search alerts).

  • Be selective with the places and the roles you apply for. (A mass application approach is hurting your chances of finding your next job).

  • Read the job description and use the keywords that are used in the job description in your resume. Companies use applicant tracking software to recruit, screen, hire, track, and manage applicants for employment. The software matches the job applications with the job requirements. Those candidates who are the closest match will be interviewed.

Key: Customize your resume and cover letter for each job application.

There are different types of references (and have them ready when needed):

  • Employment references include past employers, co-workers, subordinates, or clients.

  • Professional references are people who know you on a professional basis.

  • Academic references are instructors.

  • Character References.


Network, Referral and Job Fairs

Many people wait to build a network until they are looking for a new job, exploring a career change, or have found a specific professional need. There is no rule as to how long it takes to establish a network. This is an ongoing process.


A referral is another way for you as a job seeker to use a recommendation by an employee from inside the company or organization to get hired. Different studies have proved that you have a 40% higher chance of getting an interview and being hired using a referral, leaving other candidates behind.


Plan on attending as many networking events or job fairs as you have time for. You can also network virtually. Listen more than you talk at networking events.


How do I become good at networking?

  • Build relationships first.

  • Start with advice, not opportunities.

  • Connect with those in the position you want.

  • Social Media is also a tool to start conversations.

  • Don't ask for a job.

Key: Focus on the relationship, not your resume.



LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with approximately 300 million members. It allows job seekers to browse jobs, sign up for job alerts, post a resume on their profile, apply directly to job postings, share their profile with job posters and with members, connect with other professionals, message to selected people, join and post in groups, write newsletters or articles, post photos and videos, and participate in events. Employers, especially recruiters and hiring managers, can search for potential candidates on LinkedIn and contact you directly.

Let’s open the door to more opportunities for you with a strategically developed online profile.

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